Grimes Water Softener Installer Explains how Clear Water Causes Rusty Stains

One of the most commonly asked questions is ‘how can water that looks clear cause rusty orange stains on fixtures?’

Grimes IA – The local water softener installer has the answer to a common problem that few homeowners understand. To many, it doesn’t make sense that water that appears to be clean leaves rusty stains behind. The problem is caused by minerals found in hard water.

According to the water softener experts with Iowa Soft Water, there are different types of iron found in water that cause different problems. Ferrous iron is a clear iron that can cause rust stains when it comes into contact with oxygen. A water softener can often filter this type of iron; however, excessive levels may need more aggressive treatment. The water softener specialist ( can perform a water analysis to determine the level of iron present.

Another type of iron found in water is ferric iron which is orange in appearance and can be filtered by a water softener if the level is not too excessive. A third type of iron staining can result form an iron reducing bacteria. Iron bacteria can cause mechanical problems with water using appliances and must be eliminated with chlorine or bactericidal conditioning technology.

When iron levels are excessive the local water softener experts recommend an iron filter known as the iron curtain. They will install this piece of equipment in addition to the water softener to treat water for both iron and odor.

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